12-03-14 Iron Springs, Fairfax, CA poster by Stanley Mouse

12/3/14 Iron Springs, Pub & Brewery, Fairfax, CA

December 3, 2014 Iron Springs Pub & Brewery, Fairfax, CA
Doobie Decibel System poster by Stanley Mouse





Roger McNamee is the lead vocalist and plays bass and guitar with Moonalice, playing 90-100 shows a year.  Moonalice has leveraged technology to build a national audience.  The Moonalice Couch Tour™ on Moonalice.com enables fans to watch any show on a smartphone or PC without an app.  Moonalice works with 24 poster artists to produce a unique poster for every concert.  In 2014, Roger and Jason Crosby (Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Susan Tedeschi Band) formed a duo, Doobie Decibel System.

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11-29-14 Auburn Event Center, Auburn, CA poster by David Singer

M769 › 11/29/14 Auburn Event Center, Auburn, CA

November 29, 2014 Auburn Event Center, Auburn, CA
Moonalice poster by David Singer

According to Moonalice legend, climate change is in the news again. Notwithstanding the drought here and the polar vortex in the Midwest, there is some good news: thanks to air pollution, the sunsets will be fantastic! We bring this up because in one climate change scenario, ocean levels would rise enough to make Auburn a beach resort! As depicted in tonight’s poster by David Singer, when that happens, the tide will come in with wild horses on its back … and a naked lady will sit sidesaddle on the moon. Like I said, things could be worse.



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11-28-14 Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, CA poster by Chris Shaw

M768 › 11/28/14 McNear's Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, CA

November 28, 2014 McNear’s Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, CA
Moonalice poster by Chris Shaw

According to Moonalice legend, the first Europeans to settle here in Petaluma tried their hand at ranching. The land was flat, which cattle appreciate, but much of it was covered in sage … purple sage. Now purple sage is no problem if you are a foodie, but for cowboys it spells trouble, as purple sage is the favored habitat of the Northern California jackalope. As depicted in tonight’s poster by our art director, the amazing Chris Shaw, the Northern California jackalope is a sneaky little rodent that preys upon horses by jumping from a top hat without notice. This scared the crap out of every horse in Petaluma and led to the demise of that era’s cowboys, who were known as the Old Riders of the Purple Sage. For a very long time, Petaluma went without Its Riders, but now they’re back. How did the New Riders keep their horses away from the jackalopes? Automobiles.



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