8-27-14 Jason Crosby and Friends, Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, CA poster by Alexandra Fischer

R004 › 8/27/14 Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, CA

August 27, 2014 Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, CA
Roger McNamee series poster by Alexandra Fischer

Doobie Decibel System: Jason Crosby and Roger McNamee. First performance.
Lebo lap steel on Please Leave The Light On, guitar on Couple of Puffs

Jason Crosby & Friends: Jason on guitar, fiddle, keys; Lebo on guitars, Reed Mathis on bass; Cochrane McMillan on drums; Roger McNamee on guitar (Stuck Inside of Mobile to the end), Shana Morrison on vocals (These Are The Days, Sweet Thing), Jerry Harrison on guitar and vocal (She Cracked)

“It’s my homage to William Harnett” – Alexandra Fischer


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Roger McNamee performs more than 100 shows a year in the band Moonalice, where he is the lead vocalist and plays bass and guitar. In Moonalice Roger pioneered the use of social media in music, inventing such applications as Twittercast concerts, Moonalice radio on Twitter, live MoonTunes TM (streaming video) concerts, and the Moonalice Couch Tour TM. The band’s website (Moonalice.com) enables fans to listen to any song or show and to watch every concert on a smartphone without an app. Moonalice is renowned for the quality of poster art associated with the band. Moonalice’s single, “It’s 4:20 Somewhere” has been downloaded more than 3 million times.

8-24-14 West End Celebration, Sand City, CA poster by David Singer and Alton Kelley

M745 › 8/24/14 West End Celebration, Sand City, CA

August 24, 2014 West End Celebration, Sand City, CA
Moonalice poster by David Singer & Alton Kelley

According to Moonalice legend, we love poster art. Posters are a form of broadcast communication … that enables one artist to bring joy to many, many people. Rock posters are created for an event, but have a timeless beauty. Today’s poster, number 745 in the Moonalice series, is very special collaboration between Alton Kelley and David Singer. Alton Kelley was one of the Big 5, who alone and with Stanley Mouse created some of the most iconic images of the 60s and 70s, including album covers for the Grateful Dead and Journey. David represents the best of both the old school and the new. He made the final 67 posters for the Fillmore West. This is his 96th for Moonalice.

Alton Kelley died in 2008, but he left behind this image. With the support of the family, Kelley’s friend David Singer took the image and made into a poster, giving Kelley another opportunity to bring joy to the world.



Watch this show now at Moonalice.com.

8-23-14 Sierra View Music Festival, Oakdale, CA poster by Alexandra Fischer

M744 › 8/23/14 Sierra View Music Festival, Oakdale, CA

August 23, 2014 Sierra View Music Festival, Oakdale, CA
Moonalice poster by Alexandra Fischer

According to Moonalice legend, the trains are always on time in Oakdale. You see, Oakdale is an important stop on the Overground Railway … the not-so-secret system that cannabis farmers use to bring their crop to market without running afoul of the forces of temperance. As depicted in tonight’s poster by Alexandra Fischer, the Overground Railway was also a major party, especially in late August, a month before the harvest. At some point, someone got so wasted he thought he saw the Sierras. Look around you. Do you see the Sierras? Me, neither. Which proves that the party must have been pretty epic. That’s when they started calling it the Sierra View Music Festival.



Watch this show now at Moonalice.com.

8-22-14 Uptown Theatre, Napa, CA poster by Chris Shaw

M743 › 8/22/14 Uptown Theatre, Napa, CA

August 22, 2014 Uptown Theatre, Napa, CA
Moonalice poster by Chris Shaw

According to Moonalice legend, some of us have been confused about the original of the name Marshall Tucker. We all know the story of the blind piano tuner who was the previous occupant of the band’s rehearsal space in Spartansburg. But nobody knows where the piano tuner went or what connection he might have to tonight’s show. We consulted the Moonalice legend, where we found this poster by Chris Shaw. It turns out that the blind piano tuner was actually from here in Napa … Where he ran the world’s only museum of blind pianos. As the poster shows, it was a beautiful building, situated a mile from where we are now. Unfortunately, it is gone now. The piano tuner went to Spartansburg and somebody knocked down the museum and planted a vineyard.



Watch this show now at Moonalice.com.