7–25-08 Crys­tal Bay Club, Crys­tal Bay, NV poster by Chris Shaw

7/25/08 Moonalice posters by Chris ShawJuly 25, 2008 Crys­tal Bay Club, Crys­tal Bay, Nevada
Moon­al­ice poster by Chris Shaw

Accord­ing to Moon­al­ice leg­end, the tribe strug­gled for cen­turies to sur­vive along the shores of Lake Tahoe. Way back then, the hills were too steep and the trees too tall to sup­port hemp farm­ing. And the musi­cal clan had no place to play. And so it was for gen­er­a­tions on end, until the white man came along and cre­ated a par­adise they called Nevada. It was a large place and mostly desert, except along the shores of Lake Tahoe. And to those shores came the devel­op­ers, and with them, the casi­nos and con­cert venues. The Moon­al­ice tribe rejoiced! The nomadic clan — the bands — added Crys­tal Bay to every tour itin­er­ary. The par­adise state even passed a law to per­mit the use of hemp prod­ucts for med­ical pur­poses. To the sur­prise of no one, the Tribe lived hap­pily ever after.

Else­where in the leg­end, it is writ­ten that the bor­der between chaos and con­fu­sion cuts through Lake Tahoe. If you look really closely, you can­not see it, but the leg­end leaves no doubt.


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