4-23-08 Rev­o­lu­tion Hall, Troy, NY poster by Ron Donovan

4/23/08 Moonalice poster by Ron DonovanApril 23, 2008 Rev­o­lu­tion Hall, Troy, New York
Moonalice poster by Ron Donovan

According to Moonalice legend, the city of Troy, New York has long been a bastion of progressive tribal activity. According to Wikipedia, Moonalice tribe members in Troy showed great leadership during Prohibition, becoming a “way station” for the illegal alcohol going to New York City from Canada. Thanks to this infrastructure, Troy was able to diversify, complimenting its speakeasies with brothels to serve western New England. Wikipedia is silent about Troy’s hemp trade in those days, but it’s worth noting that Troy’s high profile ended with World War II, the same time that hemp prohibition took hold in the United States. Coincidence? We think not.



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