1-11-08 The Sitz­mark, Gird­wood, AK poster by Alexandra Fischer

1/11-12/08 Moonalice poster by Alexandra Fischer

January 11 & 12, 2008 The Sitz­mark, Gird­wood, Alaska
Moonalice poster by Alexandra Fischer

(January 11) According to Moonalice legend, altitude is positively correlated with fun. Over the centuries, tribe members have discovered many ways to gain altitude. The also discovered that combining virtual and physical altitude enhancements is a particularly powerful driver of the fun meter. Experiments in applied altitude enhancement were widely evident at the Sitzmark on this Friday night in January.

Browsing through the Moonalice legend archives, we discovered that January 11 was a momentous date in the history of the tribe. In 1913, Hudson introduced the first automobile with a hard top. Why was this introduction such a big deal? Have you ever tried to light a smoke in a fast moving convertible? Hard tops also produced a very desirable increase in back seat privacy, which led to the discovery of the drive-in and lover’s lane. Hudson changed the course of civilization with this innovation.

(January 12) According to Moonalice legend, January 12 is Amos and Andy Day. The original radio show began this day in 1928, with two white guys impersonating a whole lot of black people. We don’t pretend to understand the significance of Amos and Andy Day, but thought we would pass it along in the interest of the legend.

During our stay in Girdwood, we consulted a Moonalice-to-English dictionary and learned that the definition of Alyeska (in Moonalice) is “huge pile of white stuff; spending time there will get you high.” We don’t pretend to understand the significance of this either. That said, Girdwood is as nice a place as we have ever been and the fans there cannot be beat!



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