Pictures from Opening Day of ¡Orale! Kings and Queens of Cool

Yesterday marked the opening of four exhibitions at The Harwood Museum of Art united by the theme ¡Orale! Kings and Queens of Cool. Robin Gascon attended the opening day festivities, and sent us these great pictures she took. The Harwood has never held an exhibition like this, nor had a crowd like this. It is truly exceptional and about the people’s art. Enjoy!

Everyone is encouraged to attend the exhibitions running now through Sunday, January 25, 2015. Complete information about ¡Orale! Kings and Queens of Cool at

presented at The Harwood Museum of Art

From all found or thrown out materials

From all found or thrown out materials

Opening Day of ¡Orale! The Kings and Queens of Cool 9/20/14

"Chill, Homie, You need to let that shit go" - Buddha

Greg Moon, Snow Mack, Karen Bojorquez & Dennis Larkins

¡ORALE! Kings and Queens of Cool Opening September 20, 2014

The Harwood Museum of Art , Saturday, September 20, 2014 - Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Harwood Museum of Art presents ¡Orale! The Kings and Queens of Cool

Featuring art by Dennis Larkins, David Singer, Alton Kelley, Lee Conklin, Stanley Mouse, Wes Wilson, & Winston Smith

This fall the Harwood Museum of Art will present four exhibitions, united by the theme ¡Orale! The Kings and Queens of Cool, exploring the art movement now referred to as Post-Pop or Lowbrow that grew out of West Coast surfer, car and street culture. In addition to exploring the West Coast roots of this genre, ¡Orale! The Kings and Queens of Cool will showcase the contemporary expressions of Hispano, Lowrider and street culture in Northern New Mexico. Each of Harwood Museum of Art’s changing exhibition galleries will focus on a different aspect of this genre.

  • Pinstripe Madera: Pinstriping as Minimalism, exhibited in the Caroline Lee and Bob Ellis Gallery, will feature skateboard decks pinstriped by nationally selected artists including Mickey Hortons, “Bugs” Efrain Gonzales, Dave “Letterfly” Knoderer, Zach “ZROD” Rodriguez, Luke “Lucas” Martinez, “Low Low” Arthur Medina, Ron Hernandez, Albert Neri, Jonathan Mercado, David Anthony Garcia (“D.A. Garcia”), Joseph Gonsowski (“Pollock Joe”), Rody Kuschnereit, Herb Martinez (“The Line Dr.”), Kerry Buckley, Anamaria Medina, Victor Martinez, Mr. Rhythm, Dio Dominguez and Alex Juarez.
  • Nuevo Lowbrow: Pop Culture in the West, presented in the Peter and Madeleine Martin Gallery, will feature, side by side for the first time, over 100 of the finest celebrated artists of the Post-Pop Generation and their New Mexico counterparts! Exhibiting artists will include Bob Dob, Joel Nakamura, Gary Baseman, Douglas Johnson, Laurie Lipton, Ryan Singer, KRK Ryden, Tim Prythero, Joe Coleman, Max Lehman, Isabel Samaras, Conrad Cooper, Carrie Ann Baade, Toby Morfin, Rik Allen, Brandon Maldonado, Tim Biskip, El Moises, Ana Bagayan, Greg Moon and many, many more! Also exhibited in New Mexico for the first time will be a selection of original art by pioneering Rock and Underground Comix artists from the late 60’s and early 70’s including the work of R. Crumb. Rick Griffin, Gilbert Shelton, Wes Wilson, Alton Kelley and Stanley Mouse and much more!

Jina Brenneman, Curator of Exhibitions at the Harwood Museum of Art, states “Not surprisingly, the outlaw, seemingly expatriate state of New Mexico is a breeding ground for the ‘outsider’, the ‘unruly citizen’, the ‘underground artist’. The descriptions for these archetypes relate very directly to Post-Pop influences and Lowbrow subject matter. Cars, pin-ups, punk, rock and roll, comics, tattoo, prison art, graffiti, pulp, surfer, airbrushed – anything from the streets and of the people, art that embodies technical craftsmanship blended with fantastical imagery and visually dynamic narratives.”

Brenneman continues, “When we trace the lineage of these new expressions, we have seen cultural influences as widespread as Kustom Kar Kulture, Surfing and Street Art, Underground Comix and Rock Art to Tattoo and Saturday Morning Cartoons! Add to these populist forms the powerful influence of Pop Art and Surrealism, a renewed interest in narrative content (story telling) and a new aesthetic begins to emerge. Possibly the most compelling aspect of all of this has been how seemingly disparate parallel paths, bending to the subtle arc of history, have coalesced in this time and place where past, present and future converge! Kings and Queens of Cool!

Brenneman teamed up with artist Dennis Larkins and co-curators Esteban Bojorquez, Greg Moon, Toby Morfin and El Moises to create ¡Orale! The Kings and Queens of Cool. The exhibition will be accompanied by a 100-page full-color catalogue, designed by Esteban and Karen Bojorquez, documenting the artists in the exhibition.

We had a chance to catch up with Dennis Larkins who informed us that in addition, the show will include a small special exhibit of original vintage Rock Poster art, loaned by the Haight Street Art Center, including work from the late 60’s through the 70’s by Kelley and Mouse, Wes Wilson, David Singer, Lee Conklin, Rick Griffin and Victor Moscoso. As an added, and related, bonus there will also be a small group of original works by Underground Comics artists from the same period, loaned by Jacaeber Kastor, including R. Crumb, Gilbert Shelton, Spain Rodriguez, Rick Griffin, S. Clay Wilson and Robert Williams.

Pictures from the Director’s Circles & VIP Preview Reception held on September 18, 2014

Exhibition Opening Events

Director’s Circles & VIP Preview Reception – Thursday, September 18, 5pm – 7pm
Alliance Members’ Opening Reception – Friday, September 19, 5pm – 7pm
Free Museum Admission – Saturday, September 20, 10am – 5pm

Drive In Night / Street Party with Car show, Live music, & Artist talk
Harwood Museum of Art & Ledoux Street Businesses – Saturday, September 20, 4 pm – 8 pm

Open Monday through Saturday: 10am – 5pm / Sunday: Noon – 5pm
Closed Monday November through March


The Harwood Museum of Art 238 Ledoux Street Taos, NM

Planes, Trains, & Hempmobiles Poster Release

Moonalice Planes, Trains, & Hempmobiles Poster Release

According to Moonalice legend, you won’t even need a vehicle to go on a trip when you have art as groovy as this! Take a journey through our latest release of new and vintage posters, pick your favorites, and we’ll deliver them right to your doorstep, whether you’re all the way around this wonderful world or just down the road a piece.

Vintage Collection

8/12/07 Moonalice poster by Chris ShawAugust 12, 2007
Maxines Bistro, Girdwood, AK
Moonalice poster by Chris Shaw





2/12/08 Moonalice poster by Chris ShawFebruary 12, 2008
The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI
Moonalice poster by Chris Shaw





7/3/08 Moonalice poster by David SingerJuly 3, 2008
Half Moon Saloon, Big Sky, MT
Moonalice poster by David Singer






3/14/09 Moonalice poster by Chuck SperryMarch 13 & 14, 2009
Owsley’s Golden Road, Denver, CO
Poster by Chuck Sperry





4/10/10 Moonalice poster by Chuck SperryApril 10, 2010
E-String Bar & Grill, Henderson, NV
Moonalice poster by Chuck Sperry






4/20/11 Moonalice poster by Dennis LorenApril 20, 2011
Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
Moonalice poster by Dennis Loren






8/6/11 Moonalice poster by Dennis LarkinsAugust 6, 2011
The Mint, Los Angeles, CA
Moonalice poster by Dennis Larkins






8/31/11 Moonalice poster by Chris ShawAugust 31, 2011
Union Square, San Francisco, CA
Moonalice poster by Chris Shaw






3/10/12 Moon­al­ice poster by Wendy WrightMarch 10, 2012
Ukiah Brewing Company, Ukiah, CA
Moonalice poster by Wendy Wright





1/5/13 Moonalice poster by Wendy WrightJanuary 5, 2013
Don Quixote’s Music Hall, Felton, CA
Moonalice poster by Wendy Wright





5/26/13 Moonalice poster by Dennis LarkinsMay 26, 2013
Summer of Serendipity, Denver CO
Moonalice poster by Dennis Larkins






7/6/13 Moonalice poster by Carolyn FerrisJuly 6, 2013
Saint Rocke, Hermosa Beach, CA
Moonalice poster by Carolyn Ferris






9/21/13 Moonalice poster by David SingerSeptember 21, 2013
Sullivan Hall, New York, NY
Moonalice poster by David Singer & Alton Kelley





10/9/13 Moonalice poster by Darrin BrennerOctober 9, 2013
Union Square, San Francisco, CA
Moonalice poster by Darrin Brenner






12/1/13 Moonalice poster by John MavroudisDecember 1, 2013
Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley
Moonalice poster by John Mavroudis






Shiny New Models

M735 › 8/6/14 Union Square Live, San Francisco, CAAugust 6, 2014
Union Square, San Francisco, CA
Moonalice poster by John Seabury






M736 › 8/7/14 Moraga Summer Concert Series, Moraga, CAAugust 7, 2014
Moraga Summer Concert Series, CA
Moonalice poster by Darrin Brenner






M737 › 8/8/14 Livorna Park, Alamo, CAAugust 8, 2014
Livorna Park, Alamo CA
Moonalice poster by Ron Donovan






M738 › Twilight Concert Series, Mitchell Park, Palo Alto, CAAugust 9, 2014
Mitchell Park, Palo Alto, CA
Moonalice poster by Lauren Yurkovich






M741 › 8/14/14 Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OHAugust 14, 2014
Woodlands Tavern , CA
Moonalice poster by Alexandra Fischer





M742 › 8/16/14 Fur Peace Ranch, Pomeroy, OHAugust 16, 2014
Fur Peace Ranch, Pomeroy, OH
Moonalice poster by Gary Houston






M743 › 8/22/14 Uptown Theatre, Napa, CAAugust 22, 2014
Uptown Theatre, Napa, CA
Moonalice poster by Chris Shaw






M744 › 8/23/14 Sierra View Music Festival, Oakdale, CAAugust 23, 2014
Sierra View Music Festival, Oakdale, CA
Moonalice poster by Alexandra Fischer





M745 › 8/24/14 West End Celebration, Sand City, CAAugust 24, 2014
West End Celebration, Sand City, CA
Moonalice poster by David Singer & Alton Kelley





8-24-14 West End Celebration, Sand City, CA poster by David Singer and Alton Kelley

M745 › 8/24/14 West End Celebration, Sand City, CA

August 24, 2014 West End Celebration, Sand City, CA
Moonalice poster by David Singer & Alton Kelley

According to Moonalice legend, we love poster art. Posters are a form of broadcast communication … that enables one artist to bring joy to many, many people. Rock posters are created for an event, but have a timeless beauty. Today’s poster, number 745 in the Moonalice series, is very special collaboration between Alton Kelley and David Singer. Alton Kelley was one of the Big 5, who alone and with Stanley Mouse created some of the most iconic images of the 60s and 70s, including album covers for the Grateful Dead and Journey. David represents the best of both the old school and the new. He made the final 67 posters for the Fillmore West. This is his 96th for Moonalice.

Alton Kelley died in 2008, but he left behind this image. With the support of the family, Kelley’s friend David Singer took the image and made into a poster, giving Kelley another opportunity to bring joy to the world.



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