8-07-14 Moraga Summer Concert Series, Moraga, CA poster by Darrin Brenner

M736 › 8/7/14 Moraga Summer Concert Series, Moraga, CA

August 7, 2014 Moraga Commons Park, Moraga, CA
Moonalice poster by Darrin Brenner

According to Moonalice legend, Moraga was founded by Joaquin Moraga, grandson of the man who designed the Presidio of San Francisco and founder of the pueblo that became San Jose. Joaquin got the land grant in 1835 … but somehow, Moraga did not officially become a town until 1974. How could that be? We consulted the Moonalice legend and found the answer … scandal! It turns out that Joaquin Moraga’s grand daughter twice removed was an enthusiastic dancer. Her name was Zsa Zsa Moraga Moonalice. As today’s poster by Darrin Brenner shows, Zsa Zsa never stopped dancing … her dancing was infectious … it caused every woman around her to twirl like crazy. As you might have guessed, the menfolk were scandalized by the sight of joyful women … so they put Zsa Zsa in a convent where she was known as Sister Mary. The men then moved to Sacramento. Fortunately, the story has a happy ending. The nuns liked a Sister Mary’s dancing so much, they made her a saint and named a college after her.



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8-06-14 Union Square Live, San Francisco, CA poster by John Seabury

M735 › 8/06/14 Union Square Live, San Francisco, CA

August 6, 2014 Union Square, San Francisco, CA
Moonalice poster by John Seabury

According to Moonalice legend, we have uncovered evidence that San Francisco may not actually be named for either St Francis of Assisi or Francis the Talking Mule. Or even Frances Perkins, the Secretary of Labor under Franklin Roosevelt and first woman in a presidential cabinet. Our evidence is today’s poster by John Seabury, which depicts St Frances of Yerba Buena, the guardian angel of the cannabis crop. With her trusty green gremlin, Trichrome, St Frances of Yerba Buena was a misandrist, a female who hates males. She had nothing against men. Her problem was with male cannabis plants … and she earned sainthood by reminding farmers to cut down the boys before they cause trouble. So, is our fair city named for a gentle male saint from Italy or gremlin carrying female saint from Northern California? You be the judge!



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Inside Gary Houston’s Voodoo Catbox by Vortex Music Magazine

Vortex Music Magazine interviews artist Gary Houston
Gary Houston has been screen printing posters by hand in Portland, Oregon for over 25 years, so we’re really excited to learn Vortex Music Magazine recently interviewed this amazing artist and human being. For those unfamiliar, Gary’s scratchboard style has provided the visual aethetic to many concert posters, including ten in Moonalice Poster Series.

Portraits of Portland Music: Gary Houston

A few Moonalice posters designed by Gary Houston:

Read the full story at www.vrtxmag.com.

Gary created the art for the upcoming show this Friday at the Levon Helm Barn in Woodstock, NY with The Midnight Ramble Band.

8-2-14 Clark Sports Center, Cooperstown, NY poster by Alexandra Fischer

M734 › 8/2/14 75th Anniversary of the Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum, Cooperstown, NY

75th Anniversary of the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum
August 2, 2014 The Clark Sports Center, Cooperstown, NY
Moonalice poster by Alexandra Fischer

According to Moonalice legend, in our tribe Cooperstown IS baseball. We don’t mind that the story of baseball’s founding is a myth. Our whole tribe is a myth. Legend is our business, just as it is the business of Cooperstown and National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. To that end, I present Exhibit A. Tonight’s poster by Alexandra Fischer depicts another piece of legend, Clark Chadwick Doubleday Moonalice, a journeyman infielder whose fear of flame throwing pitcher Christy Mathewson caused him to invent a uniform made of asbestos. Unfortunately, Clark’s bat was made of wood and combusted on Mathewson’s first pitch.

Note: Due to circumstances beyond the control of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, the planned mega-event for the Hall’s 75th Anniversary was cancelled on two weeks’ notice. The village of Cooperstown organized an alternative event in Lakeside Park: Moonalice + Field of Dreams!

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