5-31-15 Bottlerock, Napa Valley, CA poster by Stanley Mouse

M832 › 5/31/15 Bottlerock Music Festival, Napa Valley, CA

May 31, 2015 Bottlerock Music Festival, Napa Valley, CA
Moonalice poster by Stanley Mouse

According to Moonalice legend, a snippet of music that you cannot get out of your head is called an earwig. If you are really lucky, your earwig will be the opening riff of Hendrix playing All Along the Watchtower, but more often than not it will be some annoying advertising jingle or the theme of a terrible sitcom. Be aware: bad earwigs can be fatal. Fortunately, there is a cure. Today’s poster by the incredible Stanley Mouse depicts Earclear Moonalice, the earwig exorcist. Earclear’s human hands allow her to get a grip on the nastiest earwig and replace it with something you love. Be aware that getting rid of an earwig will take some work on your part: in order to summon Earclear, you need to smoke 6 joints in 30 minutes while playing the Allman Brothers Live at the Fillmore East. Works every time.

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5-29-15 Chico Women’s Club, Chico, CA poster by Wes Wilson

M831 › 5/29/15 Chico Women’s Club Benefit for KZFR, Chico, CA

May 29, 2015 Chico Women’s Club, Chico, CA
Moonalice poster by Wes Wilson

According to Moonalice legend, our tribe is a matriarchy … like elephants, but with cars and better weed. That’s why we feel right at home in the Chico Women’s Club. In the Moonalice tribe, the women are smarter. That’s right. That’s right. The women of our tribe support community radio, specifically KZFR, which is named after a one of our greatest scientist matriarchs … KZFR Moonalice. Tonight’s poster was created by the legendary Wes Wilson, who was one of the pioneers of psychedelic poster art in San Francisco in the 60s. It depicts KZFR at a moment of scientific genius: she had just solved one of the great challenge’s of mathematics: Chong’s Theorem. Chong’s Theorem postulates that Puff, Puff, Pass is the optimal way to consume cannabis, but KZFR Moonalice was the first to prove it. It took a few pounds over the course of a few months, but she did it. We’re looking for people to repeat her experiments. Volunteers should see Big Steve.

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5-27-15 Union Square Live, San Francisco, CA poster by Lee Conklin

M830 › 5/27/15 Union Square Live, San Francisco, CA

May 27, 2015 Union Square Live, San Francisco, CA
Moonalice poster by Lee Conklin

According to Moonalice legend, the world is full of cat people, humans who provide food and shelter for felines, thinking of them as pets. But in the Moonalice tribe, there are also a few CAT PEOPLE who are part cat, which is to say that their genome includes large doses of Puss in Boots to go along with the usual homo sapiens. As depicted in this evening’s poster by the incredible Lee Conklin, one such kitty person is Mouse Hunter Pence, who battles rodents day and night at AT&T Park on behalf of our beloved San Francisco Giants. If you have never seen a rat at the ballpark, you have Mouse Hunter to thank. If you really want to thank him, leave a small offering of catnip or cannabis. We’ll make sure it gets to Mouse Hunter.

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May Poster Bouquet Release

May Poster Bouquet Release featured image

According to Moonalice legend, April didn’t bring us many showers in California, but that didn’t prevent these beautiful posters from blossoming! We have a bunch from recent shows and a few select blooms from Mays past. Choose your favorites for your own unique bouquet. 💐

Recent Posters

M787 › 3/27/15 The Mateel, Redway, CAMarch 27, 2015
The Mateel, Redway, CA
Moonalice poster by Darrin Brenner






M788 › 3/28/15 Sally Tomatoes, Rohnert Park, CAMarch 28, 2015
Sally Tomatoes, Rohnert Park, CA
Moonalice poster by Dennis Larkins






M789 › 4/02/15 The State Room, Salt Lake City, UTApril 2, 2015
The State Room, Salt Lake City, UT
Moonalice poster by Alexandra Fischer






M790 › 4/3/15 Knotty Pine, Victor, IDApril 3, 2015
Knotty Pine, Victor, ID
Moonalice poster by John Seabury






M791 › 4/04/15 Music Under the Tram, Teton Village, WYApril 4, 2015
Music Under the Tram, Teton Village, WY
Moonalice poster by Ron Donovan






M792 › 4/11/15 Good Old Days Festival, Pacific Grove, CAApril 11, 2015
Good Old Days Festival, Pacific Grove, CA
Moonalice poster by Carolyn Ferris






M793 › 4/12/15 Good Old Days Festival, Pacific Grove, CAApril 12, 2015
Good Old Days Festival, Pacific Grove, CA
Moonalice poster by Ron Donovan






M794 › 4/18/15 Don Quixote's Music Hall, Felton, CAApril 18, 2015
Don Quixote’s Music Hall, Felton, CA
Moonalice poster by Dennis Larkins






M815 › 4/23/15 Last Exit Live, Phoenix, AZApril 23, 2015
Last Exit Live, Phoenix, AZ
Moonalice poster by John Mavroudis






M816 › 4/24/15 The Green Room Flagstaff, AZApril 24, 2015
The Green Room Flagstaff, AZ
Moonalice poster by Winston Smith






M817 › 4/25/15 The Hut, Tucson, AZApril 25, 2015
The Hut, Tucson, AZ
Moonalice poster by Dennis Loren






R029 › 4/29/15 Iron Springs, Fairfax, CAApril 29, 2015
Iron Springs, Fairfax, CA
Doobie Decibel System poster by Stanley Mouse






M818 › 4/30/15 The Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, CA with CubensisApril 30, 2015
The Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, CA
Moonalice poster by Darrin Brenner






M819 › 5/01/15 Golden Sails, Long Beach, CA with CubensisMay 1, 2015
Golden Sails, Long Beach, CA
Moonalice poster by David Singer






R030 › 5/2/15 Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, CA with Jason Crosby & Friends featuring Pete Sears, Lebo, Reed Mathis, Jay Lane, Roger McNamee & Cochrane McMillan plus Special GuestsMay 2, 2015
Slim’s, San Francisco, CA
Doobie Decibel System poster by Lee Conklin






Posters From the Archives

5/15/08 Moonalice poster by Chris ShawMay 15, 2008
Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley, CA
Moonalice poster by Chris Shaw






5/19/11 Moonalice poster by Wendy WrightMay 19, 2011
Charley’s, Paia, Maui, HI
Moonalice poster by Wendy Wright






5/20/11 Moonalice poster by David SingerMay 20, 2011
Stella Blues, Kihei, Maui, HI
Moonalice poster by David Singer






5/21/11 Moonalice poster by Ron DonovanMay 21, 2011
Ake­bono Theatre, Pahoa, Big Island, HI
Moonalice poster by Ron Donovan






5/22/11 Moonalice poster by Chris ShawMay 22, 2011
Pirate’s Cove, Ocean View, Big Island, HI
Moonalice poster by Chris Shaw






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