10-11-14 Biketoberfest Marin, Fairfax, CA poster by Alexandra Fischer

M758 › 10/10/14 Don Quixote's Music Hall, Felton, CA

October 11, 2014 Biketoberfest, Fairfax, CA
Moonalice poster by Alexandra Fischer

According to Moonalice legend, Fairfax is known to some people as Mayberry on Acid. In a parallel dimension, Fairfax is precisely that. In that dimension, Fairfax is a principality. You probably did not know that, but today’s poster by Alexandra Fischer provides the evidence. It depicts Prince Headstrong of Fairfax, the monarch who introduced this community to the twin virtues of beer and bikes. Prince Headstrong was a brewmaster who used cannabis instead of hops to produce ales that made you pale, lagers that left you laughing, and dark beers that would one day inspire Iron Springs Brewery to create Sless’s Stimulating Stout. Prince Headstrong also loved bicycles … which is surprising for a guy who weighed 400 pounds and only had one leg. Only in Fairfax …

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10-10-14 Don Quixote’s Music Hall, Felton, CA poster by Lauren Yurkovich

M758 › 10/10/14 Don Quixote's Music Hall, Felton, CA

October 10, 2014 Don Quixote’s Music Hall, Felton, CA
Moonalice poster by Lauren Yurkovich

According to Moonalice legend, the hills around Felton are alive with music … and agriculture. It’s harvest time and the farmers are bringing in the sheaves … and the weed. They are working hard, under the guidance of Maria von Trapp’s grand niece once removed, Donna Quixote Moonalice. As depicted in tonight’s poster by Lauren Yurkovich, Donna has gone fully organic … she wanted to tend her garden 24×7 by turning herself into the ultimate female cannabis plant. Unfortunately, the seeds she ate turned out to be tulip trees, not pot. Bummer. Pretty buds. Nice smell. But no buzz. Fortunately, Felton still loves her. Donna has deep roots in the community …

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10-08-14 Union Square Live, San Francisco, CA poster by Dave Hunter

M757 › 10/08/14 Union Square Live, San Francisco, CA

October 8, 2014 Union Square, San Francisco, CA
Moonalice poster by Dave Hunter

According to Moonalice legend, tonight poster by Dave Hunter illustrates the remarkable celestial events that occurred over the past 48 hours. The Nationals’ Bryce Harper launched two small satellites – actually they were baseballs thrown by the Giants’ Hunter Strickland – into high earth orbit, creating serious competition to Space-X and NASA in the satellite launch business. Somehow the Giants overcame this rocketry to win the series. Then this morning, just before dawn, there was a total eclipse of the moon. Lunar eclipses occur when the sun and moon are on opposite sides of Earth, exactly 180 degrees apart. This situation – known as syzygy – was made more dramatic when the two home runs hit the moon simultaneously, creating the effect you see here in Dave’s poster. It must have been something to see, but of course we all slept through it. That’s why we have the Moonalice legend … to make sense of everything!

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So Many Roads: The World in the Grateful Dead, November 5-8, 2014

Appearances by Chris Shaw, David Singer, Dennis Larkins, Gary Houston, & Stanley Mouse

So Many Roads: The World in the Grateful Dead, A Conference & Symposium

So Many Roads: The World of the Grateful Dead will bring together poster artists, scholars, participants, and enthusiasts for a ground-breaking four-day international conference and symposium exploring the meaning and impact of the Grateful Dead phenomenon.

The conference represents the culmination of five decades of academic work on the Grateful Dead phenomenon, and demonstrates how scholarly understanding of the Grateful Dead leads to broader understanding of a host of associated literary, historical, artistic, and social contexts and issues.

Over 50 speakers are confirmed. The international roster includes academics, family members and associates of the band, journalists, artists, musicians, and over 15 authors of Dead-related books. On Friday, a celebration of San Francisco poster art featuring work by Stanley Mouse, David Singer, Dennis Larkins, Gary Houston and Chris Shaw will be held in conjunction with a major exhibit of Grateful Dead art in the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library.

Confirmed participants include Grateful Dead Vault Archivist and Legacy Manager David Lemieux; Rhino Records President Mark Pinkus; acoustician Elizabeth Cohen; technology investor and Moonalice founder Roger McNamee; journalists David Dodd, David Gans, Blair Jackson and Steve Silberman; musicologists Graeme Boone, Shaugn O’Donnell and Brian Felix; historians Michael Kramer and Peter Richardson; photographers Susana Millman, Jay Blakesberg, Ed Perlstein and Bob Minkin; and master chefs Kimball Jones, Kevin Weinberg and Ray Sewell. Family members of the band include Trixie Garcia, Rosie McGee, and Rhoney Stanley.

On Friday November 7, from 6-9 PM there will be a poster reception and Musical Performance by Doobie Decibel System (Roger McNamee and Jason Crosby)

For event registration and more information, visit the conference website.

SJSU Student Union 211 S 9th St