Jon-Paul Bail

Artist Jon-Paul BailJon-Paul Bail is one of the Bay Area’s most out­spo­ken and pro­lific polit­i­cal artists.  Draw­ing from an unend­ing arse­nal of polit­i­cal intrigue and pop cul­ture mal­func­tions, Bail has cre­ated bru­tal visual com­men­tary on most of the major sto­ries and scan­dals over the past 25 years. Bail’s high-impact silkscreened posters and art­work are equally at home wheat-pasted on city streets or in fine-art sit­u­a­tions.  Founder of the infa­mous web­site “Polit­i­cal Grid­lock”, Jon-Paul works from his Vic­to­rian com­pound in Alameda, CA.


Moon­al­ice poster by Jon-Paul Bail

Commemorative Moonalice Sarah Palin poster by Jon-Paul Bail