Jon-Paul Bail

Artist Jon-Paul BailJon-Paul Bail is one of the Bay Area’s most outspoken and prolific political artists.  Drawing from an unending arsenal of political intrigue and pop culture malfunctions, Bail has created brutal visual commentary on most of the major stories and scandals over the past 25 years. Bail’s high-impact silkscreened posters and artwork are equally at home wheat-pasted on city streets or in fine-art situations.  Founder of the infamous website “Political Gridlock”, Jon-Paul works from his Victorian compound in Alameda, CA.


Moonalice poster by Jon-Paul Bail

Commemorative Moonalice Sarah Palin poster by Jon-Paul Bail


  1. Sunaina Maira says

    Dear Jon-Paul:
    I recently bought your poster for Occupy UC Davis, where I teach. I’d like to include an image of the print in an article I’m writing about the protest movement at UC Davis. Please let me know how I could contact you to follow up about getting your permission.
    Many thanks,
    Sunaina Maira
    Professor, Asian American Studies

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