The Moonalice Legend: Poster and Words, Volume 3 Book

The Moonalice Legend: Posters and Words, Vol 3

At a time when every­one feels enti­tled to their own inter­pre­ta­tion of his­tory, the Moon­al­ice tribe turned pro. Like many peo­ple, we pre­fer our facts to those of oth­ers. And we like our Moon­al­ice leg­end. Where his­tory books tell you facts, the Moon­al­ice leg­end goes beyond fact. In this vol­ume, you will learn about the Moon­al­ice tribal space pro­gram and an excep­tion­ally dan­ger­ous bird called the Jihadi Whino Puf­fin. Dis­cover how the early Moon­al­ice hemp trade gave rose to cat­a­log shop­ping and how Santa Bar­bara deliv­ered threats to tribal chil­dren on April 20. Be amazed at how a book like this one can inter­weave G. Gor­don Liddy with Egg­plant Day. The Don­ner Party and Ashke­naz Moonalice’s Ph.D. dis­ser­ta­tion demon­strat­ing that it’s always 4:20 some­where. The Moon­al­ice leg­end gives you a front row seat for bits of his­tory they don’t even know about in college.

It also included the best poster art of San Fran­cisco, cre­ated for a band com­mit­ted to the notion that music, art and laugh­ing are good for the human spirit.

Moonalice Legend Book Vol 3 - page 30

Moonalice Legend Book Vol 3 - page 166

Moonalice Legend Book Vol 3 - page 198

The Leg­end continues…

This beau­ti­ful, hard­bound cof­fee table book mea­sures 9″ x 12″  and weighs nearly 4 pounds. Moon­al­ice poster artists include: Chris Shaw (cover art), David Singer, Alexan­dra Fis­cher, Car­olyn Fer­ris, Den­nis Loren, Chuck Sperry, Dave Hunter, Ron Dono­van, Stan­ley Mouse, and Wes Wil­son.

Very Lim­ited, First Edi­tion
256 full color pages

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