4-20-11 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA poster by Carolyn Ferris

4/20/11 Moonalice poster by Carolyn Ferris

420 Tribal Pow-Wow
4/20/11 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
Moonalice poster by Carolyn Ferris

According to Moonalice legend, there’s something happenin’ here. What it is ain’t exactly clear. But then, what is? According to Moonalice legend, poster art is fine art. Seriously fine art. For tonight’s Tribal Pow-wow, we are celebrating with eleven posters and one screen print. The posters are by Carolyn Ferris, John Seabury, Dennis Loren, Dave Hunter, Lee Conklin, Wes Wilson, Stanley Mouse, Alexandra Fischer, David Singer, Dennis Larkins and Chris Shaw. The silkscreen is by Ron Donovan. Enjoy these posters!! Spread the word about poster art.



Watch this show now at Moonalice.com.


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