12–31-08 The Mez­za­nine, San Fran­cisco, CA poster by David Singer

12/31/08 Moonalice poster by David SingerDecem­ber 31, 2008 The Mez­za­nine, San Fran­cisco, California
Moon­al­ice poster by David Singer

Accord­ing to Moon­al­ice leg­end, New Year’s Eve lived in a gar­den with a guy named New Year’s Adam. Things were cool until they started eat­ing fruit. No one knows why fruit was a prob­lem, so the tribe isn’t tak­ing any chances. Moon­al­ice favors veg­etable products.

Accord­ing to Moon­al­ice leg­end, the year 420 fig­ured promi­nently in the early his­tory of the tribe. Decem­ber 30 of that year saw the dis­cov­ery of inhal­ing by the matri­arch Morn­ing Glory Moon­al­ice. The dis­cov­ery imme­di­ately trig­gered a domino effect, the first step of which occurred the next day when Morn­ing Glory taught the tribe to inhale at the annual year end gig. Every­one got wasted. And so began New Year’s Eve, a tribal tra­di­tion that car­ries on to the present day.

Accord­ing to Moon­al­ice leg­end, the tribe revolves around its women. Females hold the key to hap­pi­ness, both for the tribe and its agri­cul­tural prod­ucts. So if you want to be happy, take care of the females in your life. If your buzz has got­ten the bet­ter of you, we remind you that you should only use your lighter on females of the hemp variety.




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