12–2-08 Wow Hall, Eugene, OR poster by Chris Shaw

12/2/08 Moonalice poster by Chris ShawDecem­ber 2, 2008 Wow Hall, Eugene, Oregon
Moon­al­ice poster by Chris Shaw

Accord­ing to Moon­al­ice leg­end, tribe mem­bers in Eugene walk like a duck. They talk like a duck. How­ever, unlike most Ducks around here, Moon­al­ice tribe mem­bers do not beat up on Beavers. After all Moon­al­ice is a matriarchy.

Accord­ing to Moon­al­ice leg­end, Decem­ber 2nd is Stems & Seeds Day. Tra­di­tion­ally, it’s the day when the tribe cleans out the ol’ stash box to make room for freshly cured prod­uct from the new crop. As usual in the tribe, Stems & Seeds Day began by acci­dent back on Decem­ber 2, 1928. A ne’er-do-well bass player by the name of Blind Kumquat Moon­al­ice was dri­ving his Model T from St. Louis to Chicago with his bass and a trunk full of hemp buds. Blind Kumquat stub­bornly refused to ask direc­tions, which is dumb in any dri­ver, but par­tic­u­larly so in a blind dri­ver. He made a wrong turn, kept going for a week, and found him­self right here in Eugene. By then, his trunk was empty.

Not know­ing where he was, Blind Kumquat parked the car and pulled out his bass. He played a few songs for the local Moon­al­ice hip­pies, but the music was no bet­ter than his dri­ving. After a few min­utes, the hip­pies sug­gested a cer­e­mo­nial smoke. Blind Kumquat smoked up a storm and wound up cough­ing his lungs out. He didn’t pass out until the hip­pies’ stash box was cleaned out. With lots of room for fresh herb and no more music from Blind Kumquat, the tribe declared a high holy day.



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