9–18-08 Toad’s Place, Rich­mond, VA poster by Chris Shaw

9/18/08 Moonalice poster by Chris ShawSep­tem­ber 18, 2008 Toad’s Place, Rich­mond, Virginia
Moon­al­ice poster by Chris Shaw

Accord­ing to Moon­al­ice leg­end, Rich­mond has been the site of many great moments in tribal his­tory. You may not real­ize it, but the Moon­al­ice tribe had a great “busi­ness” rela­tion­ship with the Masons of Vir­ginia in the days before the Amer­i­can Rev­o­lu­tion. Many of those Masons went on to be Found­ing Fathers. The Leg­end pro­vides par­tic­u­larly valu­able insights about a major event in Rich­mond: Patrick Henry’s “give me lib­erty or give me death” speech before the House of Burgesses.

Con­tro­versy exists because there is no tran­script of the speech. Nonethe­less his­to­ri­ans give credit to Henry for moti­vat­ing the House of Burgesses to sup­port the rebel­lion. That is true, but it’s not the whole story.

The Leg­end makes it clear the Patrick Henry made a great speech, but the famous quote was not part of it. It was actu­ally a response to an audi­ence ques­tion after the speech. The ques­tion? “What are your favorite brands of hemp?” Lib­erty was a sativa from the local Moon­al­ice tribe. Death, as its name implies, was an indica. It came from the plan­ta­tion of the noted hemp farmer, George Wash­ing­ton. Moon­al­ice and the Found­ing Fathers: part­ners in agriculture.

Accord­ing to Moon­al­ice leg­end, time waits for no one. When no one shows up, what hap­pens then?


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