9-13-08 Earth­dance, Lay­tonville, CA poster by David Singer

9/13/08 Moonalice poster by David Singer

September 13, 2008 Earth­dance, Lay­tonville, California
Moonalice poster by David Singer

According to Moonalice legend, the hills around present-day Laytonville are alive with the sound of kazoos and slide whistles. This area has long attracted funny people with fakes noses, loud clothing, giant shoes, and lots of make-up. But where did they come from? And why here? The Legend offers some insight. Apparently, Red Barns – the nemesis of the Moonalice tribe – had a place here. You have to watch out for Red Barns. Unlike his brothers, Whitey and Smokey, Red was all bad. He hated the peace, love, and low tones of the Moonalice tribe . . . and beat them up whenever he could. The tribe lived in terror, until a clown named Grandpa Gravy came to Laytonville. Red took one look at Grandpa and ran out of town. He had Coulrophobia, the fear of clowns. The tribe here has lived happily ever after, protected by the Gravys.

According to Moonalice legend, dancing is good. Most of the time our happy feet are one with the earth. But when the buzz gets really good, we just play and let the earth dance.

According to Moonalice legend, a man must walk down four short roads or one very long road before they call him a man.



Listen to this show now at Moonalice.com.


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