7-23-08 Great Amer­i­can Music Hall, San Fran­cisco, CA poster by Chris Shaw

7/23/08 Moonalice posters by Chris Shaw

July 23, 2008 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, California
Moonalice poster by Chris Shaw

According to Moonalice legend, somewhere in the world there was a hidden conspiracy – known as The Conspiracy – that planned and connived for centuries to take over. The Conspiracy’s strategy was to elect a dishonest moron to the presidency and then rip off everything of value. For the longest time, they couldn’t get it done. Then they found a candidate from the end of the alphabet. He and his cronies did an Al Capone on the place until there was nothing left. Not even the sewer. The end.

That’s what the legend says. We didn’t think much of it until we saw a report in the New York Times that somebody has stolen 2,500 manhole covers in Philadelphia over the past year. That may not strike you as a big deal, but historically Philly only lost 100 manhole covers a year. It’s probably just a coincidence.



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