7-13-08 Ore­gon Country Fair, Veneta, OR poster by Chris Shaw

7/13/08 Moonalice poster by Chris ShawJuly 13, 2008 Ore­gon Country Fair, Veneta, Oregon
Moonalice poster by Chris Shaw

According to Moonalice legend, the tribe’s nomadic clan roamed North America in search of a mythical place called The Fair. Legend had it that The Fair was magical. That it existed in forest glades, with sunbeams dancing through the trees, and breezes crossing the meadows. According to Moonalice legend, The Fair was a kaleidoscope of beautiful creatures, settings, and music. Everyone at The Fair lived on a diet of mushrooms. For the Millennia, the nomads searched for The Fair as they played their music.

The Legend goes on to say that The Fair was guided by the spirit of Glinda Star, matriarch of the Family, a tribe worshipped by all Moonalice. Legend reports that Glinda was powerful. She was good. She had a green thumb for hemp. And she brought people together for a Fair of epic proportions. But no one in the Moonalice tribe could ever find it. Until now.

The Moonalice hunt for The Fair is finally over. We found it. It’s called Oregon Country Fair. And as so often happens, reality overwhelms the legend in the power of its buzz.



Listen to this show now at Moonalice.com.


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