6–7–08 Great Amer­i­can Music Hall, San Fran­cisco, CA poster by David Singer

6/7/08 Moonalice poster by David Singer678 Party
June 7, 2008 Great Amer­i­can Music Hall, San Fran­cisco, Cal­i­for­nia
Moon­al­ice poster by David Singer

Accord­ing to Moon­al­ice leg­end, one of the tribe’s annual high holy days was called Burn­ing Bud. It was a one-day event devoted to the build­ing of a henge. The tribe was not very prac­ti­cal. It took them a while to fig­ure out that you can’t build much of henge in one day.

The one-day limit led to much exper­i­men­ta­tion with build­ing mate­ri­als. They tried dirt. Then mud. They even tried water. They tried prac­ti­cally every­thing that was avail­able. Then one day, some­one decided to make a henge out of hemp.

They built the entire thing out of hemp and it was done in a day! It was huge!!! It smelled great!!! They wanted to call it Hemphenge. Then they set it on fire. They got really stoned. And a name came out of nowhere.


So began the fes­ti­val of Burn­ing Bud. With it began Fire Arts and peo­ple get­ting buzzed and run­ning around naked in the desert. It is our under­stand­ing that some of these cus­toms per­sist to the present day.




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