6–6-08 Har­mony Fes­ti­val, Santa Rosa, CA poster by David Singer

6/6/08 Moonalice poster by David SingerJune 6, 2008 Har­mony Fes­ti­val, Santa Rosa, California
Moon­al­ice poster by David Singer

Accord­ing to Moon­al­ice leg­end, pow-wows asso­ci­ated with the spring plant­ing sea­son were a wel­come respite from heavy labor in the fields. As Moon­al­ice tech­nol­ogy evolved, these pow-wows turned into trade shows with the lat­est equip­ment for grow­ers … and lots of good music. Imag­ine our joy when we learned that the Har­mony Fes­ti­val is the mod­ern incar­na­tion of that pow-wow. There is such vital­ity in the agri­cul­tural side of the Moon­al­ice economy!

From our perch on the stage, we noted wide­spread evi­dence of last year’s suc­cess­ful har­vest in the region. The sweet smell of prosperity …


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