5–7-08 The Rebel, New York, NY poster by Ron Donovan

5/7/08 Moonalice poster by Ron DonovanMay 7, 2008 The Rebel, New York, New York
Moon­al­ice poster by Ron Dono­van

Accord­ing to Moon­al­ice leg­end, hemp grown on Man­hat­tan island has unique pow­ers. Appar­ently it makes you incom­pre­hen­si­bly gen­er­ous. How else do you explain the Lenape tribe sell­ing the island for $24 in beads or the Dutch trad­ing it for a micro­scopic island in Indone­sia? Such acts of gen­eros­ity even­tu­ally resulted in the tribe’s agri­cul­tural clan being dis­placed and the island going “smoke­less”. In the process, New York became the biggest city in the coun­try and the one with the low­est per capita car­bon foot­print. When the nomadic clan comes to town the locals break out their tribal air fresh­ener, con­fi­dent that they are not con­tribut­ing to global warming.


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