5-7-08 The Rebel, New York, NY poster by Ron Donovan

5/7/08 Moonalice poster by Ron Donovan

May 7, 2008 The Rebel, New York, New York
Moonalice poster by Ron Donovan

According to Moonalice legend, hemp grown on Manhattan island has unique powers. Apparently it makes you incomprehensibly generous. How else do you explain the Lenape tribe selling the island for $24 in beads or the Dutch trading it for a microscopic island in Indonesia? Such acts of generosity eventually resulted in the tribe’s agricultural clan being displaced and the island going “smokeless”. In the process, New York became the biggest city in the country and the one with the lowest per capita carbon footprint. When the nomadic clan comes to town the locals break out their tribal air freshener, confident that they are not contributing to global warming.



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