5–27-08 The Fill­more, San Fran­cisco, CA poster by Chris Shaw

5/27/08 Moonalice poster by Chris ShawMay 27, 2008 The Fill­more at Irv­ing Plaza, New York, New York
Moon­al­ice poster by Chris Shaw

Accord­ing to Moon­al­ice leg­end, three is a very pow­er­ful (and lucky) num­ber. It sym­bol­izes the bewil­der­ing trin­ity of sects, hemp, and low-toned music. Every Moon­al­ice tribe mem­ber trains in the entire trin­ity for many years before choos­ing a “major,” which deter­mines the clan with which he or she will spend the rest of his or her life. Most choose to stay with the clan in which they were born, but the tribe sup­ports those who choose a dif­fer­ent path. Always tol­er­ant in mat­ters of per­sonal choice, the tribe also sup­ports those who choose not to. In addi­tion, it sup­ports those who can’t make up their mind.

Whether the con­text is Blind Mice, Stooges, Mus­ke­teers, Wise Men, or Lit­tle Pigs, three has changed the world for the bet­ter. Why should the Moon­al­ice leg­end be any different?

The band’s third gig in New York City (in only six weeks) was a Bill Gra­ham Foun­da­tion ben­e­fit at the Fill­more, née Irv­ing Plaza. Since it opened in 1914, the venue has been home to bur­lesque, Yid­dish the­ater, and Pol­ish dance, as well as rock ‘n’ roll. It once saw Gypsy Rose Lee (all of her, in the Full Monty sense). It’s on an island that the Moon­al­ice tribe once swapped to Peter Minuit for $24 in trin­kets and a piece of Con­necti­cut. (Moon­al­ice leg­end, 4–19-08.) Coin­ci­dently, the gig cel­e­brated Mother’s Day in Bolivia and Swe­den, as well as the birth­days of Rachel Car­son, Vin­cent Price, Har­lan Elli­son, and Batman.


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