5–2-08 The Pour House, Charleston, SC poster by Ron Donovan

5/2/08 Moonalice poster by Ron DonovanMay 2, 2008 The Pour House, Charleston, South Car­olina
Moon­al­ice poster by Ron Dono­van

Accord­ing to Moon­al­ice leg­end, Charleston was a major hub of tribal trad­ing in the 18th cen­tury, when the Amer­i­can Rev­o­lu­tion began. When the British imposed the Tea Act on the colonies in 1773, two towns rebelled. Every­one knows the story of the Boston Tea Party (Moon­al­ice leg­end 11–1-07), but the story of the Charleston Revolt remains clouded in mys­tery. As in Boston, the raid­ing was the work of Moon­al­ice tribe mem­bers. Unlike Boston, the prod­uct they seized turned out to be hemp, which explains why they “impounded” it, rather than toss­ing it into the har­bor. As usual, his­tory makes much more sense through the lens of the Moon­al­ice legend.


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