4-24-08 High Fidelity, Rochester, NY poster by Chris Shaw

4/24/08 Moonalice poster by Chris Shaw

April 24, 2008 High Fidelity, Rochester, New York
Moonalice poster by Chris Shaw

According to Moonalice legend, Rochester, NY was a major center of Moonalice culture in the years before the white man came. From what we could see, the tribe is still prominent in Rochester. Around the corner from our hotel was Stone Street Café. A few blocks away was a huge sign on an overpass: Welcome to High Falls. We felt right at home.

Rochester is home to some amazing people. Susan B. Anthony was born here. Frederick Douglass lived here. Emma Goldman, Cab Calloway, Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Lithgow, Chuck Mangione, Ol’ Hoss Radbourne, Mitch Miller and Gorilla Monsoon all hail from Rochester. But our favorite Rochester natives are the Fox sisters, Kate, Leah, and Margaret. They were spiritualists in the 19th century. In their presence, people could communicate with the dead. Their séances attracted the best and brightest of the time, including James Fenimore Cooper, Horace Greeley, and William Lloyd Garrison. For 40 years the Fox sisters were a phenomenon. Then they got mad at each other and one of the sisters blew the whistle. They had faked it from the word go. Bummer.



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