2-6-08 Red­stone Room, Dav­en­port, IA poster by Chris Shaw

2/6/08 Moonalice poster by Chris Shaw

February 6, 2008 Redstone Room, Davenport, Iowa
Moonalice poster by Chris Shaw

According to Moonalice legend, it always snows in Davenport. We don’t whether it is the influence of the Big River or Highway 61, but every time we go to Davenport Highway 80 is a hockey rink with white powder on top. Whatever their impact in winter, the Mississippi and Highway 61 are the foundation of the long and magical musical history of Davenport. According to Wikipedia, “Davenport was founded in 1836 by Antoine LeClaire and named after his friend Colonel George Davenport after a singing of a peace treaty ending the Black Hawk War.” Singing a peace treaty. What a beautiful notion. No wonder we like Davenport so much.



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