2–13-08 20th Cen­tury The­ater, Cincin­nati, OH poster by Chuck Sperry

2/13/08 Moonalice poster by Chuck SperryFeb­ru­ary 13, 2008 20th Cen­tury The­ater, Cincin­nati, Ohio
Moon­al­ice poster by Chuck Sperry

Accord­ing to Moon­al­ice leg­end, the waters of the Lick­ing River near Cincin­nati in south­ern Ohio can make any­thing float. Upon such small advan­tages are great for­tunes built.

His­tory tells us that a sur­veyor orig­i­nally called the place that is now Cincin­nati “Losan­tiville.” They claim Losan­tiville com­bines bits of Greek, Roman, French, and Eng­lish to cre­ate a word that means “City on the mouth of the Lick­ing River.” How can Moon­al­ice leg­end argue with the mouth of the Licking?




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