2-12-08 The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI poster by Chris Shaw

2/12/08 Moonalice poster by Chris Shaw

February 12, 2008 The Ark, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Moonalice poster by Chris Shaw

According to Moonalice legend, most snow in Michigan falls when the temperature is above zero degrees Fahrenheit. While this may not be the most insightful aspect of the legend, it has certainly stood the test of time. It also proved to be correct during the band’s visit to Ann Arbor, when the mercury was solidly in plus territory for the first time on this tour. As a result, heavy snow felt like a blessing!

According to local legend, Ann Arbor was founded by two land speculators, who named the town for their wives. One of them built a saw mill on the site. Local Native Americans saw the mill and said “Kaw Goosh Kaw Nick! Kaw Goosh Kaw Nick!” (We’re not making this up; it’s in Wikipedia.) This is where local legend breaks down and Moonalice legend takes over. The locals thought the Native Americans were mimicking the sound of the saw mill. Moonalice legend knows better. In Moonalice, Kaw Goosh Kaw Nick means, “only a white man would saw lumber instead of growing hemp or playing bass!”



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